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There are several places here where you can share your experiences of decision making or of not being able to make your own decisions(!).

Putting your thoughts in writing often helps to clarify your thinking and taking the time to share your experiences is helpful to others, and in return, they're sharing is helpful to you.


Decision making models

If you have developed your own decision-making model, or have one that works for you, you can write about it here. People can then give you feedback and more information about their experiences using it.

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Decision making books

Do you have a favourite decision-making book? One that you would recommend? Or are you looking for recommendations on what to read next?

Or have you written a book on decision-making? Here's a place for you to write about it for others…

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Decision making software

Do you have favorite decision making software? Something that you recommend? Share your experience with it here...

Or have you developed a piece of software you want to tell the world about? Here's your opportunity!

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Have you been deceived by a destructive cult?

If you have been in a destructive cult, or you have a family member or friend who is has been a member, you can share your experience here. To share your experiences through writing can be very therapeutic. It's also very useful to read about other people's experiences so that you know you're not alone.

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Crossing paths with a psychopath  I had the misfortune to cross paths with a psychopath and his cult at the worst moment in my life. And at that time I had no idea what a psychopath was,...

Cults In Any Situation  Any person can run into a cult in the most unlikely place. Who would have thought that in a seminar for parents I would have found a cult…
That's how ...


Mind control techniques

Recovery from cultic relationships involves learning about and understanding mind control techniques. When you read about other people's experiences it often triggers recollections and allows you to understand something in a deeper way.

Writing about your own experiences allows you to clarify your thinking and gives you a different perspective.

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Making your own decisions - not!  After reading some things here something clicked with me about how a cult leader tricked me into thinking I was making my own decisions. And then how he ...


Cult contradictions

In any destructive group there are typically lots of contradictions in the doctrine, in what the leaders say, in what the members think and do. Untangling the web of deceit is an important part of recovery from cult experiences. Here you can read a long list of common cold contradictions, and it is only you'd like to see in print you can add it here.

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Important considerations

Because of the nature of mind control, cults and sects, I think it is appropriate to write some general guidelines for writing submissions and comments in the section on mind control.

1. Therapeutic
For people leaving destructive groups the usual recommended is that they keep a diary or a log. This is useful for several reasons, not least of which is that often memory is affected in destructive groups.

Writing for other people to read can be incredibly useful for expressing emotions that have been long suppressed. It also helps to organise your thinking and clarify some ideas. It has the added benefit of knowing that you're helping others as well. Helping ex-members to understand just what the heck happened to them. And helping non-members to understand what it's like to be in a cult.

And it may even help others to avoid being recruited into a cult!

2. Anonymity.
Your submission here can be totally anonymous. Leaving a cult is an extremely difficult time, people in cults have been abused enough, and they have a right to express themselves without fear of criticism or retribution.

If you want to leave your e-mail for notification of acceptance of your article or notification of comments please do so. Rest assured it will only be used for this.

Please do not put personal details in your submission. Addresses, phone numbers etc will be stripped out before the article is published. I cannot control who visits this site and I understand that there are evil, unscrupulous people in the world and I intend to keep my visitors safe.

3. Screening
All article submissions and comments are screened before being published. This is to protect you and me!

Cults can be very aggressive in various ways and I do not want to give them any further information that can be used against any current members or ex-members.


  • If you want to name the cult you may do so, but understand that I may disguise the name.
  • If I think a comment is from a cult member and is attacking the author, I may simply delete the comment.
  • Please do not put links to blogs or websites in your articles and comments. Rather than trying to screen potentially useful websites it is easier just to have none.

Please, supportive comments only. I appreciate it's difficult for people coming out of cults to share their experiences. They need help, encouragement and most of all they need to know what they are feeling is okay and it's normal.

Don't share your personal information in your comments.

Don't take it personally if someone does not reply back to your comment. For example, if the writer of the article is recovering from a destructive cult they may be in no physical or mental state to reply.

Instead of writing all about your own personal experiences in the comments, please consider the idea that you can share your experiences in a separate article. It's best to keep the comment section for comments on the author of the page.

I may translate submissions into spanish for the benefit of the spanish readers.

And do contact me if you feel that a comment is inappropriate. I will be screening all comments, but if you find something offensive or inappropriate in some way please use the inappropriate comments report box below.


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