Overt And Covert
Hypnotic Mind Control

Hypnotic mind control as used here means the use of hypnosis to augment mind control techniques. Hypnosis itself is a very powerful tool for influence and you can read more about what hypnosis actually is but if you are in a hurry, here's a quick refresher! The important things to note are…

  • hypnosis is simply an altered state
  • we naturally enter lots of altered states or trances ourselves every day
  • it's not necessary to have your eyes closed
  • hypnosis can be induced without words, and
  • most importantly it reduces critical faculties and the ability to evaluate information and make decisions.


Overt and covert uses

Here we will outline some of the ways that destructive groups use hypnosis, both overtly and covertly, to increase the effects of the mind control techniques being used.

The first and most obvious is to say they are using hypnosis. They are openly using formal hypnosis techniques to induce trance states and group members may even be learning how to use hypnosis with others. Where better to hide a secret than out in the open!

Next is to use naturally occurring trance states. Storytelling and guided imagery are situations where someone need have no formal hypnosis training to induce trance states. People tend to like listening to stories and guided imagery is something that is offered to help people relax. Both induce trance states without having to use formal techniques.

Simply by becoming engaged in a story, people tend to alter their state of consciousness. While many cult leaders and manipulators may not have formal hypnosis training, they usually understand the power of storytelling and take advantage of it to implant suggestions (which are typically for their own benefit!).


Nonverbal hypnosis

And remember the idea about words not being necessary? Think about dancing, repetitive body movements, swaying, clapping, spinning, drumming etc.. They will all alter your state of consciousness. Especially if there is rhythmic music added, or flashing lights.

And there are various cults that also use bodywork as part of their teachings, and manipulations of the body can be used to induce trance states.



What can you say? Instant trance!


Covert destructive manipulation

Destructive groups and individuals will use hypnotic mind control in a variety of little known ways too.

Long seminars and lengthy speeches, especially if they go on late at night, are a way to induce trance, sometimes because of boredom, sometimes because of tiredness, or both! Again, cult leaders may not know they are doing hypnosis but they are smart enough to recognize the benefits of such techniques for themselves.

A variation on this is to talk for long periods of time with very few pauses. What happens is the listeners do not have time to think and process the information, so they lose their ability to judge and criticize any incoming information. So they begin to simply accept what the speaker is saying... and when the same message is repeated over and over and over again, it can very difficult not to accept it.

Another tactic that is very often used by cult leaders is to present conflicting or contradictory information as if it is totally logical. When contradictory pieces of information are presented as being reasonable with enough authority (something psychopaths find very easy to do!), very quickly trance is induced, a person's critical faculties shut down and they simply accept whatever is being said.

Creating links between unrelated items will often cause confusion in people. Normally they have to stop and think to work out if the items are connected or not.


Stacking techniques

However, add in the previous two factors, where the person is bombarded with information, there is no time to think and the speaker is talking with much authority, and there is potent hypnotic mind control where very quickly people find themselves defenseless and accepting whatever they are told.

Remember that these tools and techniques are not used one at a time. There are several factors at play at any one time.

And the cult leader has nothing better to do than manipulate. It is what he does. So he is constantly using whatever techniques are available to continue the mind control.

And they depend on the fact that the members do not suspect that they are using hypnotic mind control. So people need to learn about it to protect themselves.


Educate yourself

Hypnosis and mind control combined give very powerful tools to influence decision making. This is why sects and cults use them! Because they work!!

Therefore it often very useful for members and ex-members of cults to learn about hypnosis in order to undo the effects of hypnotic mind control.  And it is useful for their friends and family to understand something about it to understand what the ex/member is experiencing, and indeed, to avoid being recruited themselves!!

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