A Psychopath Test On iPhone,
iPad And Facebook!


There is a great little psychopath test available for the iPhone and iPad.

It is based on work done by Dr. Robert Hare and Dr. Paul Babiak and their B-Scan 360 Psychopath Test.

It's a series of questions to which you answer yes or no about somebody you think may be a psychopath.

It's free for the iPhone so lots of people will have fun with this after a few drinks.



And at the same time it can be very accurate if the questions are answered with reasonable knowledge of the person in question.

I say reasonable knowledge because if somebody is still in a relationship with the psychopath, they may not be able to recognize what is actually happening.

Let me explain a bit more about this.


How psychopaths manipulate

Psychopaths will typically build a false relationship with their victim. Then step-by-step they begin to manipulate the beliefs and values of the victim so that they are aligned with their own.

Now remember that psychopaths have narcissistic traits with a huge ego and believe they are superior to everybody else. Therefore, their victims will begin to believe this as well. The victims also accept any reasons and justifications given to them while under the influence of mind control.

Is he insecure or manipulative?

In many cults, for example, the members believe that the leader is helping them. The leader (often a psychopath) encourages this often saying that he is making sacrifices on their behalf.

In this psychopath test there is a question about whether the person operates from a power network of friends for personal gain. People who are manipulated by the leader will typically answer no.

They are unable to see the power plays that are occurring. They believe they are making their own decisions, and they believe that the people around them in the group are also making their own decisions. If they want to work for free for the leader, they think they are doing it willingly.

This same kind of dynamic also functions in one-to-one relationships, for example husband-and-wife. If the man has been deceived 'romantically' by his psychopathic wife, he may be unable to notice the lies, he certainly won't think this new woman in his life is cold and calculating, he won't know that she is playing ruthlessly to win.

Therefore the answers given in the psychopath test may not be accurate. That's why I suggest caution!


Where to get it

You can get the application for the iPhone and iPad in the iTunes store.

It's also available on Facebook.

And while you're at it, go and visit the people who made this available. Their website is fisheadmovie.com and they have also made a fantastic movie available for free.

In it they examine the financial crisis from the point of view of a lack of empathy in some of the major players. They point out that psychopaths have no empathy, and they also raise the possibility that antidepressants are reducing empathy in people taking them. It's very entertaining!

There is a written sociopath test here and you can read rules for how to deal with a sociopath and healing from an abusive relationship.

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