Sociopath Test

Psychopath test

There is no definitive sociopath test to diagnose somebody as sociopathic. Robert Hare's Psychopathy Checklist is currently the 'gold standard' for diagnosing sociopaths and psychopaths. This is a complex clinical test that involves an interview with the person concerned as well as access to records of his or her previous history.

There is, however, some use in using a simple sociopath test to determine if you or a family member may be involved with a sociopath. Sociopaths cause tremendous destruction and harm and because of the mind control it can be incredibly difficult for a person in a relationship with them to recognize them for what they are. Therefore any clues about their true nature may save a lot of hardship and grief.


With caution

If you use the following sociopath test to decide if somebody close to you is a sociopath or psychopath, please remember the following.

  • To make a diagnosis of sociopathic or psychopathy requires a trained professional with experience in this field.
  • This psychopath test will give you clues as to whether you need to do something about your relationship with this person or not. It is not intended to diagnose somebody as a sociopath.
  • Sociopaths are dangerous. Being in a relationship with one can cause serious harm to you and those around you.
  • If you suspect you're in a relationship with a sociopath, seek expert help. Find somebody who deals specifically with sociopaths, psychopaths and mind control to help you.

It is vital to remember that somebody under mind control may not give accurate answers to the questions. For example, they may not know that the sociopath is lying. They may think the sociopath actually is sympathetic, loving, caring etc.

Because of the nature of mind control, and the effect it has on their decision making, it's almost impossible for them to see the truth.

Read here for a more detailed explanation of this

Of course, some people will use a sociopath test for fun. There's no harm in this but be wary of labeling somebody as sociopathic just because you think they score highly in the test.

First psychopath test

This sociopath test was extracted from an article by Robert Matthews in the Sunday Telegraph Review, May 4th 1997. It is useful because it is based on research and experiences of socialized psychopaths.  For each trait, decide if it applies to the person you suspect may be a socialized psychopath, fully (2 points), partially (1 point) or not at all (0 points).

  1. Do they have problems sustaining stable relationships, personally and in business?  
  2. Do they frequently manipulate others to achieve selfish goals, with no consideration of the effects on those manipulated?  
  3. Are they cavalier about the truth, and capable of telling lies to your face?  
  4. Do they have an air of self-importance, regardless of their true standing in society?  
  5. Have they no apparent sense of remorse, shame or guilt?  
  6. Is their charm superficial, and capable of being switched on to suit immediate ends?  
  7. Are they easily bored and demand constant stimulation?  
  8. Are their displays of human emotion unconvincing?  
  9. Do they enjoy taking risks, and acting on reckless impulse?  
  10. Are they quick to blame others for their mistakes?  
  11. As teenagers, did they resent authority, play truant and/or steal?  
  12. Do they have no qualms about sponging off others?  
  13. Are they quick to lose their temper?  
  14. Are they sexually promiscuous?  
  15. Do they have a belligerent, bullying manner?  
  16. Are they unrealistic about their long-term aims?  
  17. Do they lack any ability to empathize with others?  
  18. Would you regard them as essentially irresponsible?

A score of 25 or above suggests strong psychopathic tendencies. 

This does not mean the person is a potential mass-murderer: socialized psychopaths are not mad, nor do they have to resort to violence.  Even so, a close professional or emotional relationship with a socialized psychopath is likely to prove a damaging experience.


Second sociopath test that is useful

At a group of people have produced a movie about the impact psychopathy has had in creation the financial crisis that 'started' in 2007. It's a fantastic movie and explains many of the traits of sociopaths psychopaths. It also looks at the role antidepressants play in suppressing empathy and how this affects decision making too.

Of particular interest to us here is that they also have created a sociopath test. This particular sociopath test is based on Dr. Hare / Dr. Babiak's B-Scan 360 Psychopathy Test and is available through Facebook. There is also an application available for the iPhone and iPad available through the iTunes store. (Requires iOS 4.2 or later)

It is a series of simple questions that can be quite accurate if you know a bit about the person's background. Remember that people under the 'spell' of a psychopath may not see reality the way concerned friends or family might!


Professional help

I will say it again. If you think you are being manipulated by a sociopath or a psychopath, doing a sociopath test is not enough. To undo the effects of mind control, it makes sense to enlist the help of a specialist in this area, a psychologist or psychiatrist who understands mind control.

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