The Mind Control Manual:
Vital Concepts
About Mind Control,
Cults And Psychopaths

If you are having doubts or conflicts about your group,
the Mind Control Manual will explain why!
(Think of your intimate relationship as a group of 2)

Have you been following the ideas of a group for months and years, but something in your life is not working? Maybe you are realizing that you have run out of money, or you are having difficulties in your relationships, or you can't seem to build a business the way your group says you should...

Even though you have been doing everything the leader says, you can't seem to produce the results that you were promised. You have attended lots of seminars, some of them more than once, and when you think about it, you haven't had a holiday in years because you have gone to seminars instead.

You have bought the tapes and actually listened to them. You also bought the books and have read them. So you know the material inside out.

You know what to say to potential clients, some of whom even go to the leader's workshops. And while the leader seems to have it all, plenty of money, plenty of followers, relationships, spare time, you are struggling. You don't really like to admit it, but inside, secretly, you have doubts...


You know that there is something wrong and you can't put your finger on it...

Do you feel a fake or a fraud because you pretend to other members in the group that things are working even though you are having problems getting the ideas or the techniques of the group to work for you?

Or maybe you realize that your life is actually a mess. It is not working. You know you are broke. You have very few, if any, real friends around you. Your contact with your family began to diminish when you joined this group, or even when you joined the one before it! You only feel some sort of connection to those in the group because any outsiders don't understand the stuff you do, they don't speak the language of the group and they seem uninteresting or boring.

But when you look to the group for help, you are told you have to work harder, or that you are not following the instructions properly or that you are out of integrity, you have some issues that you need to sort out first.

You believe that the methods work because you have evidence in the past that they worked. But now you can't quite get things to work anymore. And you feel it's your fault. And you're sick of it...


I've been there!

I'm David Mc Dermott and my desire to help others led me to qualify in medicine and I worked as a surgeon for several years.

I was caught by a manipulative woman in a destructive relationship and when she left I was left with no money, no house and a very disillusioned view of society because of the lack of legal or any other type of support available to people in my situation. Of course, I blamed myself, trying to figure out what I had done wrong.

Very shortly after, I was recruited into a personal development cult where they offered me a way out of the pain and suffering I was experiencing because of the failure of the marriage. I realize now that my caring nature was also used to entrap me.

I became the number 2 in the group, working closely with the leader in giving courses, mentoring others and basically recruiting new members.

After 10 years, I managed to leave. I had had enough of the lies, the money grabbing, and the very poor treatment at the hands of the leader. I realized that my own wants had been put to one side in favor of the group's idea of changing the world... which wasn't happening either!

Only after I left did I realize that I had been 'brainwashed' in a cult... and I began the process of undoing the mind control...


How would you know if YOU had been brainwashed?

'Easy!' you say. 'An enemy, or someone I didn't like, would have forced me into doing things that I really didn't want to.'

But what if the person doing the influence was a friend, or a teacher or a leader that you admired? There may be no physical force or obvious pressure. This person offers choices and you believe that you are making your own decisions, choosing of your own free will. In fact, you are convinced of it.

This is basically how mind control works. You have been tricked into believing that you have been deliberately choosing to make all these changes in your life, in order to learn, develop, evolve, progress, or whatever.

And you probably feel you have really learnt a lot, you have great tools or techniques that have helped you, you believe in the ideas... but there is still something wrong in your life.

You may even have left the group, but you have probably retained the beliefs and ideas and you may be still doing the exercises suggested by the group. Or you have left the group because you no longer like the leader or the network, or you have noticed that the leader lies or does not follow through on promises, but you still think the ideas are valid.

You probably have a lot of resistance to reading this. That is normal. Criticism of the group or the leader is usually not allowed. That makes it all the more important that you read this.

It's not easy. You tell yourself that you don't need it because you'd never be caught by a cult! But something inside is letting you know that things are not right...

It's time to trust that instinct.


Introducing The Mind Control Manual

The mind control manual explains how mind control works, how cults use these techniques to recruit members and what exactly psychopaths are.

Remember, you can only resist what you are aware of. If you are not aware of manipulation or deceit, you cannot resist it. Until you understand these things you cannot know if a group is a cult or not.

Some people still think of orange robes and chanting when they think of cults. Others think that only weak-willed or mentally ill people are 'attracted' to cults, or that cults are typically full of religious freaks or new agey, crystal wearing, back-to-nature nuts.

They typically don't recognize their own group as a cult. If you did, you wouldn't stay, right?!

Cults nowadays can be quite sophisticated. All the members may live in their own home, they have their day jobs and they appear as normal as the next person.

There are cults based on

  • religion
  • politics
  • personal development
  • making money (growing rapidly in today's climate!)
  • psychology
  • philosophy
  • healing therapies
  • new age ideas
  • karate and other sports
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • science
  • UFOs
  • doomsday/prophesies
  • sex
  • satanism
  • even hairdressing!

In fact, they say there is a cult for everyone...


A cult for everyone?

This means that anyone can be captured by a cult. Everyone has things they like, things they don't like, things they want and things they don't want. Cult leaders will recognize the strengths and weaknesses of a person and will be able to offer something really attractive. The cult leaders also train the members how to 'offer' the benefits of the group to outsiders. (These members will actually believe that what they are offering is the best there is...)

And if the person is going through a difficult patch in their life, they may be particularly vulnerable. And by difficult patch I don't mean extraordinary circumstances. Normal life events such as the breakup of a relationship, moving job, changing school or university, or the death of a family member can leave people in a vulnerable state where they are easy prey for unscrupulous manipulators.

That means you, too, are vulnerable!


So how do you know if you might be in a cult?

(A cult here can be a big group or a group of 2. A person can be in a 'cultic relationship' with a boyfriend or girlfriend who is a narcissist or a psychopath. The only difference is that in a group of 2, all the attention is given to the victim instead of being spread over a large group!)

  • When someone criticizes the group or the leader, do you quickly defend or justify and try to convince them of the good things?
  • Does your whole life revolve around the group?
  • If people around you have problems, do you recommend the leader ahead of anyone else?
  • As you get further into the group, have you noticed that it gets to be less about you and more about changing the world?
  • Do others say you are pushy/obsessed about this group or that you have changed since you joined and that they don't like it?
  • Do you ever think 'If only everyone knew this, the world would be a different place'?

If you have answered yes to these questions, it is very likely that you are in a destructive group. (There is a more extensive list of questions in the Mind Control Manual.) One more question...

Can you name 3 defects or faults the leader has?

This is very important... If you cannot, or you mention one or two but then justify it, it is a very strong signal that there may be more going on than you think.

(Just so you know, people can normally quickly list 3 defects of the people around them!)

Education is the key to finding out why your life is not working and why it won't work until you free yourself from the group.

The Mind Control Manual explains the difference between a cult and a destructive cult and specifies the requirements that have to be present in order to be able to say that a group is a destructive group.


mind control manual image

The Mind Control Manual is written to help you understand what mind control is and how it works. It explains the tactics used by psychopaths and narcissists to create relationships with potential members and then recruit them into the cult or into an intimate relationship.

The Mind Control Manual also explains how the cult maintains control over the members using particular psychological processes. Such processes normally allow society to work smoothly but psychopaths (most cult leaders are psychopaths!) use them with the intention of controlling the members for their own personal (selfish!) benefit.

Take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee and
buy the Mind Control Manual risk-free!


Mind control myths

Many people have ideas about what mind control and brainwashing are. And very often they are wrong. The Mind Control Manual demystifies many of the ideas about mind control, such as the idea that mind control requires physical force, threats or pressure to be effective. It explains how cult members do not join the group but rather they are recruited. And how cults use deception, trickery and lies to recruit members.

You probably don't think you were tricked. But consider this. What did you join the group for originally?

Now, answer just as honestly, have you achieved that? Or did your attention get diverted to something else?

Destructive groups offer one thing, but members end up getting something else.



The Mind Control Manual also explains in detail how pseudo-personalities are created by destructive cults. This is a vital aspect in order to understand how cults work.

If you have been in a destructive cult, chances are you have a pseudopersonality. Chances also are that you don't recognize it. This pseudopersonality has the beliefs and values of the group and the leader. This pseudopersonality is created in the cult with the intention of spreading the ideas of the group and recruiting new members.

When you hear criticism of the group or the leader, do you automatically defend them? It's a very strong urge and it's almost irresistible. You just have to say something. That's the pseudopersonality.

When someone tells you of their problems, do you automatically tell them that the group techniques or processes would be able to fix them? Or if they went to a group seminar they wouldn't have that problem? That's the pseudopersonality.

When you have difficulties yourself, do you automatically run the groups processes or ask yourself what the leader would do? That's your pseudopersonality.

Even after you physically leave the group, the pseudopersonality persists.

When you continue to believe that the group tools and techniques are useful or even the best, despite the fact that something in your life is not working (remember, that's why you are reading this!!) that again is the pseudopersonality and it's beliefs.

The Mind Control Manual explains how the pseudopersonality acts like a master program, determining what you think, what you decide and what you do.

The good news is that you can undo it. But you have to realize that you have one first. Admitting that can be tricky!


So what do you get in the Mind Control Manual?

The Mind Control Manual has 4 sections, one about mind control, one about cults and sects, one about psychopaths and the last about how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The first part has chapters on:

  • What is mind control?
  • Basic mind control tools
  • Mind control tactics and pseudopersonalities
  • Mind control methods used to change the personality
  • Brainwashing and the mind control 'trick'
  • How hypnotic mind control is used
  • Mind control techniques used in cult recruiting
  • Sex and mind control
  • Mind control movies, videos and books with links to various videos where I point out how various tools are used in specific situations.

The next section of the Mind Control Manual has chapters on

  • What are destructive cults?
  • How to recognize destructive sects and cults
  • Cult psychology
  • Common cult tactics and cult control
  • Yoga cults

The third section of The Mind Control Manual covers

  • Definition of psychopath and sociopath
  • Differences between psychopath vs. sociopath
  • Psychopath symptoms
  • Female sociopaths
  • Sexual psychopaths
  • Social psychopath
  • Characteristics of a sociopath shown by cult leaders
  • Are you in a relationship with a sociopath?

And last, but not least, the Mind Control Manual has chapters on the following topics:

  • Understanding weapons of influence
  • Mind control victims: the vulnerabilities that make you susceptible
  • How to stop mind control
  • How do you know if you are in a destructive cult?
  • Checklist for abusive relationships
  • Dealing with a sociopath - 9 important rules
  • What to do if a friend or family member is in a cult
  • Important factors to consider when undoing mind control.

Ok, I want to buy the Mind Control Manual now!


I have come across several psychopaths in my life... but I didn't actually know what they were, what they were doing or why. I thought these people were just extremely selfish and that there wasn't much else to it.

Even when I was a kid at the age of 8 or 9 I knew half the stuff that came out of one person's mouth was complete lies. I thought it was because it was somewhat entertaining that people put up with it.

I spend huge amounts of time being annoyed by it all. When I thought of these people I couldn't help looking down on them for the damage they cause.

It was kind of scary thinking about these people while reading the book. It certainly describes them perfectly.

And after reading the mind control manual I have a different perspective. I have a better understanding of what these people are like, why they do what they do and how they do it. The negative attitude seemed to disappear the more I understood and I am no longer full of anger and frustration.

I didn't think after reading it that I should hate the person... but not that I should like them either. (if that makes sense?) Maybe I just learned to accept them and know not to fall into their trap again!

I have a few friends in mind that really need to read this book.

And thanks for your help!

Mark, N.Y. USA.



Warning signs of mind control

The Mind Control Manual will also teach you the signs and signals to look out for to spot mind control before you get caught up in the web of lies and deceit. You will become more aware of many methods of manipulation and persuasion.

These methods are used every day by many people and often they help to keep society running smoothly and safely. But when they are used with the malicious intention of controlling others, they can be very dangerous, and in some cases lethal.



When you read the Mind Control Manual you will also become familiar with the characteristics of psychopaths. People often think 'serial killer' when they hear the word psychopath, but this is a mistake. A psychopath is someone who does not have a conscience. They never feel guilt, remorse, embarrassment and they are incapable of love. The implications of this are explained in detail in the Mind Control Manual.

Because between 1 and 4% of the population are psychopaths, it is very likely that you already know somebody who is a psychopath but you just didn't recognize it because you had a different idea of what a psychopath is!

The Mind Control Manual covers all these things and more…

Much more in fact. There are lots of books out there about cults, or about psychopaths, or about cults and mind control, but none about all three subjects. The Mind Control Manual gives you details about each topic and specifically, how they are all interconnected, whether it is a cult of 2 people, the psychopath and the victim, or whether it is a larger cultic group.

I always thought if somebody is an a**hole and takes advantage and manipulates you that it would be easy to tell them to get lost… until I found myself in that situation.

It took a lot more effort than I thought to detach myself from it.

I spent the entire day reading the manual. I think it is put together very well and is clear and easy to understand. As a whole I thought it was brilliant… a real eye opener!! I didn't realize the consequences were so destructive.

The Mind Control Manual cleared up lots of questions I had… like why they treat people so badly and how they do it etc.

I now know how to spot the traits in people and groups so as not to get trapped. I also know how to deal with these sort of people in everyday life, if and when I have to.


Steven, Australia


No risk to you…

There is a 30 day money back guarantee with the Mind Control Manual. If you find the information is not suitable, send me a note on the contact page and I will happily refund your money. That means you won't have to fight to get a refund!


The format

The Mind Control Manual comes as a .pdf file which you can read on any computer, whether it's a PC or a Mac. (It is not a paper book.) Of course, if your ebook reader reads other formats, you can simply use your favorite program to change the .pdf into the required format.


The cost

How much is 1 year of your life worth? 5 years? 20 years?

People who get caught by cults often lose years of their life to the cult. When a person is recruited into a cult, they spend their time, effort and money on the group.

Even if you no longer have contact with the group, the ideas and beliefs are still present in your head.

Right now, you know something is wrong. You have tried to fix it using the ideas of the group and it hasn't worked.

Don't waste more time. Don't waste any more of your life.

Read this Mind Control Manual and do what you need to do!

The good news is that it costs only €3.99.

Even if it turns out that you are not in a cult, it's worth every cent to learn about mind control so that you are not captured by a cult in the future!!


How to get the ebook…

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Only €3.99!!

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"I am a little more than half way through your book and I have to say this...

Anyone who is thinking of attending any type of seminar should arm themselves by reading this book first. Be able to go to a seminar with your own personal intentions in mind... and save yourself from being caught up in the desires of the manipulators who want more of your money."

John, USA