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Mar 16, 2024

What defines a cult? A list of characteristics of controlling groups

What defines a cult? What do I look out for?

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Jul 24, 2023

10 Warning signs of someone being manipulative - how to spot them early

Signs of someone being manipulative - do not ignore!

Continue reading "10 Warning signs of someone being manipulative - how to spot them early"

Dec 20, 2022

Domestic violence cycle of abuse - what you need to know.

Domestic violence cycle of abuse explained

Continue reading "Domestic violence cycle of abuse - what you need to know."

Jun 15, 2022

Controlling mothers and their daughters - not so common knowledge

Controlling mothers and their daughters - hidden dynamics

Continue reading "Controlling mothers and their daughters - not so common knowledge"

Apr 01, 2022

Signs of a toxic person explained

Signs of a toxic person and what you should know

Continue reading "Signs of a toxic person explained"

Oct 26, 2021

What is intuition and how reliable is it?

What is intuition, how can you develop it and is it even worth improving?

Continue reading "What is intuition and how reliable is it?"

Oct 20, 2021

Mother Knows Best

My mom had grown up in an abusive household. Her life had always been unstable, and few people around her cared for her or showed her how to care for others.

Continue reading "Mother Knows Best"

Sep 17, 2021

Signs of a controlling friend and how to make sense of things

Signs of a controlling friend and what you need to know

Continue reading "Signs of a controlling friend and how to make sense of things"

Mar 14, 2018

How to forget a sociopath once and for all

How to forget a sociopath - important considerations

Continue reading "How to forget a sociopath once and for all"

May 06, 2016

How To Divorce A Sociopath - comprehensive guide

Learn how to divorce a sociopath avoiding common mistakes while protecting yourself

Continue reading "How To Divorce A Sociopath - comprehensive guide"

Feb 11, 2016

Been Conned All Of My Life - Started In Childhood...

Where do I start? Being raised in a home where my dad was a 20 year man in the army. After divorcing my mom and marrying a psychopath (my opinion) everything

Continue reading "Been Conned All Of My Life - Started In Childhood..."

Nov 20, 2013

Demon Possession or Mental Illness?

Before Andrea Yates made headlines for drowning her children, very little was known about postpartum mental health. If doctors screened new moms, the questions

Continue reading "Demon Possession or Mental Illness? "

May 08, 2013

Jealous Scorned Entity

Yes, indeed... there are evil people in this world... I currently have a female psychopath that is currently in my life... it all started when the SO

Continue reading "Jealous Scorned Entity"

Apr 14, 2013

The Day the World Ended.

Tall, dark, handsome. I should have known this was too good to be true. I met him the day the world was supposed to end in December at a party. He asked

Continue reading "The Day the World Ended."

Dec 19, 2012

how i was conned by a psychopath

He used insults about my looks, saying the same thing each week. It was like groundhog day. I started to say no to this and withdraw, but he chased me

Continue reading "how i was conned by a psychopath"


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